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Journaling for beginners

Journalling has quite literally changed my life for the better in so many ways… but before I tell you about the benefits, and how best to utilise your journal, let me begin with the biggest obstacle I hear whenever this subject comes up:

‘I don’t have time to keep a journal’… or ‘I wouldn’t remember to do it every day’

You don’t have time to do something that’ll improve your day, your week, your life? You couldn’t get up 10 minutes earlier? Or go to bed 10 minutes later? Or watch 10 minutes less television? I bet you can find the time if you really want to receive the benefits.

As for remembering… set yourself a challenge to journal every day for 10 days. You can leave your journal in a prominent place so that you remember, or set something up on your phone as a reminder. After 10 days, if you’re doing it right, the benefits will motivate you to continue.

How keeping a journal has made an impact on my life

March blogI write in my journal almost every morning and I start each day feeling more positive, focused and calm. My journal helps me to de-clutter my mind, to remember what’s important, and to manifest what I want to achieve. It’s a great way to work with the law of attraction, too.

On the days I don’t journal, I notice a difference in my mood, my thoughts and even on my actions/in-action.

So, what do you write?

You don’t need to try all of these ideas, but here are some of the things I write in my journal. I don’t usually do all of these things every day, I mix it up depending on my mood and feelings…

All the things you’re grateful for today

This could be basic things, like shelter, power, fresh air, water, food, family and friends, sunny skies, being able to live in peace and with freedom. Then you might include more specific things like something good that’s happened, something kind someone did, and so on. It’s a daily reminder of how fortunate you are. At the end of my list, I always write ‘Thank you Universe’. More on gratitude here >

Your goals and intentions

These could be for the day, week, month or year – or even for 5 years. This will help keep you focused on what you want to achieve, and mean you’re far more likely to take action. I’ll write another blog about goals soon – suffice to say I don’t believe any dream too big (within the realms of reality 😉 )


Some people prefer to say affirmations out loud but I like to write them down. An affirmation should be a positive statement, in the present tense… for example:

I’m so happy and grateful to that I have achieved *my goal*, I feel confident and excited about the outcome <*insert your goal*>

I love my body. I only feed it nourishing, healthy foods and I exercise daily. I’m losing weight every day and my confidence is growing.

… and so on. Affirmations is a whole blog in itself, which I’ll write soon 🙂

Other feel-good journal entries (mix it up depending on your mood):

  • Lists of all you want to be, do, and have
  • List of all the things you’re proud of (go all the way back to your first memories)
  • Good things that’ve happened to you (again, go way back)
  • 5 years from now, I will be…
  • Your ideal day – in vivid detail
  • Your ideal lifestyle – again in lots of detail
  • Emotional de-cluttering – listing all the things that are bugging you, all the people who’ve done you wrong, all the negative shit you want to clear out of your head
  • Millionaire shopping lists (so much fun)
  • Lists of negative beliefs that might be holding you back
  • All the good things that’ll happen, when you’ve achieved your goals
  • …and anything else that makes you feel good, clears your mind, or sets you up for a good day, or a good sleep

Hopefully this gives you a starting point!
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IMG_6670.JPGWhat journal should you get?!

I love a bit of nice stationary, here are of some of the journals I’ve had in the past (I get through them pretty fast!). Of course, you don’t need to hand-write, I just prefer to. You could use an app or just type into your phone, tablet or computer. It’s the thoughts that count, not how you record it.

If you do buy a paper journal, make sure you use a good pen too, that’s nice to write with. I like using colourful pens and sometimes my answers to the above are drawings, doodles, spider charts and so on.

Have a great day and Happy Journalling!