a little about me…

Me feeling very happy indeed in Kefalonia, Greece.

If you’ve landed here you’re perhaps wondering why I’m so freaking positive and happy?!

Well, first of all, I’m not happy and positive 100% of the time. I occasionally have moody days, bad experiences, and sad things happen in my life, just the same as everyone else. It’s just that I’ve learned how to live life to the fullest, how to reduce and control low moods, and how to bounce back quickly when something bad happens. I’ve become resilient.

On a more personal note, I’m in my thirties, married with a live-in step-daughter, two dogs and a cat (all gorgeous, obvs). I love books, travel, long walks and I’m a vegetarian. As well as being a Happiness Ambassador, I’m also an author of romantic comedy novels. So if you like light, fun romantic reads please check out this link

Thank you so much for visiting my happy corner of the web. I hope you find the content motivating and inspiring in some way.

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