How to live your best life

After many years of studying what makes people happy and how to achieve contentment, fulfilment and joy… Here are some of the ingredients that I believe help you to create your ‘best life’ –

  • Working on your mindset to create a positive, resilient attitude that can cope with even the greatest sorrow
  • Realising what your passion is, and making time for it as a priority
  • Accepting that you are amazing, deserve great things, and can have them – if you just make time and put the effort in
  • Accepting that nothing stays the same, change is inevitable
  • Surrounding yourself with only those who bring you joy, and not stress
  • Having as much fun as you can (spend your money on experiences, not things)… more about how to have more fun and adventure here >
  • Doing kind deeds for others
  • Never comparing yourself to others
  • Practising a daily gratitude ritual – learn more about this here >
  • …and a whole bunch more stuff that I’ll be writing about soon.
Living my best life by hugging trees 🙂


What do you think makes a good life? Get in touch, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I will be sharing more on these topics in the weeks and months to come, so check back for more detail soon and follow me on social media to keep in the loop…