Books & other stuff I recommend

In my journey towards contentment, I’ve purchased rather a lot of ‘stuff’. Here are some of the things I recommend…

Books to read

(contact me if you’d like more suggestions)

I love Oprah… I find her so inspiring and this book is full of wisdom and insight. It’s light, easy reading you can dip in and out of. I kept highlighting parts that resonated with me, which was almost the whole book! Buy here >


I read a lot of books about Buddhism and have seen HH Dalai Lama speak live, there’s much to be learned from him. This book was one of the first I read on happiness, it takes a little concentration to ‘get’ all the concepts but when you do, it’s very insightful. Buy here >


I’m a huge fan of Tony Robbins. I also recommend his Unleash the Power Within event (mind-blowing, life-changing 4 day event). This book will awaken you to your true potential. A must-read. Buy here >


I highly recommend writing a journal. Here are a few I enjoyed using:

This is a lovely journal, with a magnetic flap (who doesn’t love one of those?!) Hard-backed and with ‘Believe in yourself’ on the front. You can buy here >


I love this: She believed she could, so she did (I also have these words in a frame on my office wall). Ideal for journalling 🙂 Buy here >



More coming soon…

Full disclosure: I am part of the Amazon Affiliate Programme, which means a small fee is earned by linking to Amazon products. However I only recommend products I have used and truly believe are of high quality.